about the festival

Inspired by the wish to give Skopje not just regular daily art experience, a group of enthusiasts decided to organize the first Festival of street musicians in Macedonia. Guided by the moto ‘’The Art belongs to the street, and the streets belongs to every citizen’’, they made a clear decision, every year, few days in Skopje to be a huge music stage under an open sky.

By the example of similar festivals in the big European cities, Skopje Street Music Festival is envisioned as a big open-air happening, as which we must agree, are missing in our city. The idea is to not divide the music on street music and elite music, but to blend those two on same stage both the top musicians and the amateurs who are making thousands of people every day smiling on the streets. The festival of street musicians has a significant role in building the identity of the city of Skopje, as well as the development, socialization and social cohesion.

he Program will be top quality and not divided by genre. The artists will play on more locations around town, so that the people that pass by can enjoy in the urban musical experience. With a target to be more available to more citizens, the festival will be on more locations around the city as: Macedonia Square, City Park, TC Leptokarija, The park with the Aeroplane in Novo Lisice, Skenderbeg Square and Bohemian Street.

skopje street music festival should help us to:

To build up the cultural identity of Skopje

To see an interesting music performance without the need to pay a ticket for

To fight against the turbo-folk kitsch

To promote the good music

To get everyone out to have fun, and not a protest

To attract tourists

Skopje is most beautiful in June. Let’s make it more beautiful and playful.